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My Fumpa Pump in the first “sharp” test. Flat tire and no pump. Just the mini fumpa. I was not really sure if it would really work.

The tire was flat

Long Saturday ride. Only a bit after Decin. I just started the climb. The wheel suddenly became muddy. Everyone knows this: The rear wheel lost air. Since recently I left the traditional pump at home. In April, I donated myself the mini Fumpa. I had discovered it already a while ago. But 120 Euro for a pump are also not little money. But hobby is finally hobby. So I ordered the thing. 116.99 Euro I paid. - Reifen platt
Flat tire because of a needle: Time for my mini Fumpa

The manufacturer

Fumpa Pumps is an australian company from Notting Hill, Victoria, Australien. on their website they consider themselves as the worldbest pump manufacturer.

The product range

There are currently three models of small compressor pumps from Fumpa Pumps: The Fumpa Bike Pump, the mini Fumpa and the nano Fumpa. The nano Fumpa I discovered just now during the research for this article. When I ordered mine, I had not yet seen it at the dealers.

Fumpa Bike Pump

The Fumpa Bike Pump is too big and heavy to take it to cycle trips with a road bike. It measures 42x73x87 mm and weighs 380 grams. A 700x23C tire it pumps up, however, in a very fast 25 seconds to 120 psi (=8.27 bar). One charge is said to be able to inflate 6 tires. It also displays the pressure. In one hour, the battery should be charged. It is offered for about 180 Euro.

mini Fumpa

The mini Fumpa is the model I bought. It measures 32x56x68 mm and weighs 181 grams. It pumps the same tire in a very good 50 seconds. I easily accommodate it in my saddlebag next to a spare tube, a minitool and a rain jacket. It is supposed to pump two tires with one charge. Charging takes also only one hour. and it costs around 120 Euro. - Fumpa Pump - mini Fumpa
Fumpa Pump: My mini Fumpa

Nano Fumpa

Finally there is the nano Fumpa. It is even smaller and only 26x47x57 mm in size. It weighs 100 grams and practically as much as a conventional pump for the road. However, it only reaches a maximum pressure of 80 psi (=5.52 bar). It achieves this in about 100 seconds. One charge should be also enough for two tires. Charging should be done in 45 minutes. I found a dealer where it is offered for 119.95 euros. However, it was sold out there. On the manufacturer’s website it costs only 119 AUD, which is about 80 Euro. However, shipping is only offered for Australia.

All three pumps should be able to pump Presta and Schrader valves. They are charged via USB-C. Mine is an older model and pumps only Presta.

And here’s how it went

The cause of my flat tire was quickly found. A needle stuck completely in the tire. New tube in, pump out and there we go. The start button is to be pressed long until the motor starts moving loudly with a delay. Then it rattles off. And pumps. I had switched it off too early. The pressure was not yet enough. I started again. The mini Fumpa has inflated the tire much better than I managed by hand with my conventional pump for the road. Great. A real success. Stress-free and without exhausting pumping. The pump got hot. However, not as much as I had expected it from the descriptions I read on Internet.

Back home, the pump has brought the second tire only to three bar. With a second flat tire I would have needed the valve adapter, which I always have for emergencies. I would have had to find a gas station nearby to bring the tire with the adapter to pressure.

A recommendation?

After my first practical experience, I can recommend the mini Fumpa. It did its job reliably. The rather low pressure in the second tire has brought me back to the ground. I am not sure if I dare to use it as a replacement for the conventional pump. Of course, it must be weighed whether the pump is really worth the high price. It is a gimmick for a wonderful hobby.

On the internet I read somewhere that the mini Fumpa is even powerful enouth to pump tubeless tires. I can not really imagine this. But let’s see, maybe I’ll try it sometime when I have digested my experiences with tubeless.