Pioneer for road bike cycling in Venice!

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I was “Pioneer for road bike cycling in Venice” on internet platform Komoot. Road bike cycling in Venice! That’s something special indeed. Venice is unlikely to be recognized as a cycling city.

The nomination as a pioneer took a while. I was already 2017 in the region near Venice. My trip across the Alps ended in Lido di Jesolo, near Venice. The return trip I had from the train station of Venice back to Munich. Therefore, the last trip I did from Lido di Jesolo to Venice train station.

In Venice cycling is generally prohibited. That’s why I was not allowed to use the passenger ferry. I had to take the car ferry instead, which was more complicated. But I really didn’t want to go back on the main road I did on the way to. There’s a lot of traffic, it is practically only straight and the landscape is absolutely unspectacular.

On the way to the train station in Venice, I had to take first the ferry from Punta Sabbioni to Lido di Venezia. As I was not in a hurry I went up and down the Lido by bike before taking the ferry to Tronchetto.

The distance from Tronchetto to the train station is less than one kilometer bee line. But it was really difficult getting there. The problem was that my Navi didn’t know several fences. And without Navi it wasn’t easy to cross the wide access road to Venice. Now I finally know why: I was there as a pioneer!

The region "Venezia" at internet platform Komoot
The region “Venezia” at internet platform Komoot

Even I was not long a pioneer for road bike cycling in Venice. It was something special.

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