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The new season has begun. Time for a few thoughts about cycling. My season planning is ready. I am especially looking forward to my season highlight, the “Tour Transalp“. My fitness is great. I am quite well. I am healthy. The facts say I am (already) in my mid-50s.

Always the same question

Each time I go cycling with my raod bike, I am asking myself how long my luck will last. When will old age strike? It will. At some point. That’s for sure. How much longer will I be able to cycle with fun? For how long will I not be in pain or have a serious desease? How long will my form curve go up? And what happens then? What will be the effect of decreasing performance? I will have to adjust my demands. But how will this affect my motivation and enjoyment of cycling?

My hand after my crash on Mallorca 2019 - iamcycling
My hand after my crash on Mallorca 2019

Form and fitness

And I don’t even feel older. Quite the opposite. I’m fitter than I’ve been in years. Only a look in the mirror makes me sometimes thoughtful.

But I am also investing in my health. It could be more, it always could. I try to eat right, as well as I can. Always also with regard to my form and fitness. I work on it, I invest in it. I’m reading and researching. I try to learn. Always to be a bit faster and a bit better is the idea. I feel strong and powerful. Cycling is an exciting sport. I am always looking for new challenges and goals. It can never be enough.

Kilometre stone on Mallorca - iamcycling
Kilometre stone on Mallorca

Road bike and quality of life

And what kind of influences does cycling have on me? It motivates me. The idea and memories of great tours in summer makes me practice harder in winter too. And good fitness automatically leads to a high quality of life.

But especially the awareness that the time of “endless future” is over brings additional motivation and joy to cycling. I enjoy each and every single ride. And I am aware that I have tremendous luck.

I am looking forward to the new season.

Climb in l'Etape du Tour 2019 - iamcycling
Climb in l’Etape du Tour 2019