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“Road bike cycling with over 50 years” is the focus of the blog “”. But what distinguishes the older from the young cyclists? What is different if you start cycling late? Should I even start road bike cycling when I’m already over 50? What is (still) achievable in advanced age? Which goals are feasible? Are there any special features of the older cyclist? What motivates him?

Lots of the cyclists starting at L'Etape du Tour 2018 are over 50 years old
Lots of the cyclists starting at L’Etape du Tour 2018 are over 50 years old

I will pick up questions like these in a loose sequence. I set up a separate section in the blog. Logically, I can only report from my own perspective and from my own experiences. But I hope this topic is interesting for you and you will give your input too. However, experience is not a precondition. If you are thinking about start cycling, send your questions. An active participation and many contributions would be great. So we could encourage others to start cycling even when you are over 50.