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The season is coming to an end and the next season casts its shadow ahead: The booking start for “Quäldich” travels for next year was already on 1st September. But why travel alone? Maybe I’ll find a companion for bike holidays with the help of the blog!

My highlight of the saison

The highlight for 2020 is already set. I signed up for the Tour Transalp from June 21st to June 27. According to that, I arrange my further planning: A first training block should be in Mallorca in mid-March and I have planned a “quäldich-trip” for April.


For Mallorca I think I will choose one of the offers of Hürzeler in Playa de Muro. With early booking the prices are great. Just like the fares. According to my current planning, I will fly to Mallorca on March 14th and come back on March 22nd.

Posting at Hürzeler in Playa de Muro -
Posting at Hürzeler in Playa de Muro

A “quäldich”-trip

In April I will either book the trip „Ligurien – Alps of Ponente“ or the „Spring of cycling at the sea“. The Liguria trip is from April 18 to 25. The journey “Côte d’Azur – Road Bike Spring by the Sea” will take place from April 25 to May 2, 2020.

Mallorca - A dream in spring for cycling -
Mallorca – A dream in spring for cycling

Are there any criteria for the companion for my road bike trips? By the willingness to participate in a road bike trip most criteria are already met. It would be easier if we belonged to the same age group, I think. that means “around 50”.

Both “quä” trips can be canceled at no cost up to 8 weeks before departure. So there is no financial obligation. But the early planning has the advantage that there are still cheap flights available. From Dresden it is actually too far to go anywhere by car. That’s why I usually travel by plane. And I take my own bike with me.

It would also be interesting to share a double room. In particular, with the “quäldich”-trips you save quickly a few hundred euros if you share a double room.

Get in touch!

I would be very happy to find a companion for bike holidays. If there should be a bigger interest, we could also travel as a travel-group. I would be very happy. – And “quä” for sure too.

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