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How much does a road bike event actually cost me? How much do I have to spend per day on the road bike at which event? That was the question that interested me.

The idea

The idea to take a closer look at the costs had its origin in the substantial price increase and the more difficult booking conditions for road bike tours at Quäldich. In addition, my last two trips were not really good them: At one the support was close to zero, on another one the group was crap.

Kosten je Radtag - Der Traum vom Süden -
The distance to the event naturally plays a role in the journey to the event

Organized bike tours are more expensive than self-organized tours. Of course. It is also clear that an event depends on travelling costs. It is obvious that the distance to the event shows in the cost. An event close to home like RTF in Kurort Hartha or the Stoneman Miriquidi Road comes along with only little or no travel cost. But how big are actually the differences? And how much is to be paid for a cycling day related to the different kind of events?

Kosten je Radtag - Anreise mit dem Auto -
Traveling by car

The concept

I put together the costs that sum up for the different kind of events. In general, there are always the costs for the event itself, i.e. a registration fee or an event price. There are also costs for the journey to the event or the return journey for the bikepacking tour to the Baltic Sea. In addition, there are almost always accommodation costs, unless they are included in the price of the event. For the sake of simplicity, I would have preferred not to include meals. However, as it is already included in cycle tours, some events or even RTFs, catering costs must be taken into account for all events.

In addition, I start from myself with respect to possible further cost that could incur in addition. In other words, I assume that I have my own car, always take my own bike with me and I already have a bike case.

Kosten Radevents - Unterwegs mit Rad und Radkoffer -
Traveling with bike and bike bag

The overview

I know best the events that I am attending or that I have done before, such as the Quäldich trips. That’s why I’m comparing the costs of the events I’ve booked for 2024 and the events I had shortlisted.

descriptiondurationnet bike days
Mallorca Camporganized camp10 days8 bike days
SpreewaldmarathonRTF with car journey1 day1 bike days
Bikepacking Ostseeself orginized tour9 days8 bike days
Erztaler RadmarathonRTF withour journey1 day1 bike day
Rhön RadmarathonRTF with accomodation2 days1 bike day
Stoneman Road Silberpermanent-RTF with accom.2 days2 bike days
Tour Transalporganized race9 Tage7 bike days
Quäldich Sizilienorganized bike holidays9-10 days*7 bike days
Quäldich Berchtesgadenorganized short bike holidays4-5 days*3,5 bike days*
*Depending on how to arrive, an extra day may be needed. The Berchtesgaden short cycle tour has four stages, but these are shorter on the arrival and departure days. I have therefore only included 3.5 cycling days in the comparison.

Total cost

Mallorca Camp1.019,00inkl.545,00inkl.1.564,00
Bikepacking baltic sea630,00120,00280,001.030,00
Erztaler Radmarathon30,008,00inkl.38,00
Rhön Radmarathon65,0070,00120,0030,00285,00
Stoneman Road Silber19,0070,0012,5050,00151,50
Tour Transalp1.385,00600,00235,00100,002.320,00
Quäldich Sizilien1.750,00*inkl.400,00inkl.2.150,00
Quäldich Berchtesgaden695,00*inkl.205,00inkl.900,00
Al prices in Euro
* The price refers to a half double room.

Cost of each bikeday

total costcost per bikeday
Mallorca Camp1.564,00195,50
Bikepacking baltic sea1.030128,75
Erztaler Radmarathon38,0038,00
Rhön Radmarathon285,00285,00
Stoneman Road Silber151,5075,75
Tour Transalp2.320,00331,43
Quäldich Sizilien2.150,00307,14
Quäldich Berchtesgaden900,00257,14
All prices in Euro

The result

As expected, the leaders in terms of cost per cycling day are the organized major events: the week-long Quäldich road bike tour and the Tour Transalp. Rather unexpectedly, the Rhön Cycle Marathon results in almost the same cost. Reason is that costs of travel and accommodation cover a high percentage.

The self-organized bikepacking tour is quite economical compared to the organized bike tours. This form of bike tour also has a high potential for adventure. That’s why it’s currently my clear number one.

Kosten je Radtag - Abenteuerpotenzial Bikepacking -
Adventuros Bikepacking

By own experience, it is also not surprising that Mallorca has perhaps the best price-performance ratio. The camp is more or less the same as a cycling tour that starts from the same location. However, the camp in Mallorca offers in addition remarkably catering. And at a price that is more than a third cheaper than the price of a cycling tour.

It is also not surprising that the RTFs on the doorstep are the cheapest. The point here was only to show the magnitude of the costs. However, these can also differ significantly when traveling by car and depending on the entry fee, as it can be seen comparing the costs for the RTFs ERZtaler Radmarathon and Spreewaldmarathon.

Kosten je Radtag - Tour Transalp-
Tour Transalp is the most expensive event in the list