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The road bike blog for cyclists from 50 years and above

“I am cycling” as a principle of life. “I am cycling” as a commitment to a wonderful sport.

We as over 50 year olds can not quite keep up with the younger ones. Nevertheless, our enthusiasm is at least as great. Our goals, motivation and training only adapts to our age. We want to prove every now and then what we still can do. We want to ride the bike but above of all enjoy cycling. We want to discover the world and we are happy to stay fit and that we are good looking ;-).

Traveling with the road bike, cycle tours, participate in events and competitions. The list of activities is long. Have a look at my experiences. Write to me your criticisms and comments. And write me your ideas, your tour suggestions, your insider tips and your highlights. Every contribution is welcome. Each article adds a new facet to road bike cycling.

Lets promote our sport. Active road cyclists should find suggestions and help in the blog. Beginners should find motivation and get an idea about what can be possible to achieve. Those who are not yet cycling with a road bike should be thrilled to start. Lets do it!