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The 2024 season planning is complete. In big parts. I have lots of ideas. And, of course, some bookings are already done. The anticipation is growing. Impatience is growing. I’m eagerly awaiting the start of the season in Mallorca .

Saisonplanung 2024 - Das Rad auf Mallorca -
My bike in Mallorca

The season highlight 2024

I found in the Tour Transalp my highlight for 2024 season. It wasn’t good for my planning and motivation that I hadn’t found a highlight in 2023. Immediately after my participation in 2022, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the event. Looking back, that has been put into perspective. Nevertheless, I would rather not take part again as an individual starter. I really like the idea of competing in the smallest possible team of two riders. We registered on the very first day.


Mallorca is once again set for spring this year. I think the Speedville Camp in Alcudia is currently unrivaled. The hotel is good. And the food too. Organization, atmosphere and group experience are just right. What’s more, the prices for Mallorca in spring are really attractive.

Saisonplanung 2024 - Sehnsucht nach Mallorca -
Linging for Mallorca

Baltic Sea

I am currently very enthusiastic about bikepacking. That’s why the first bikepacking tour at the beginning of May has already been decided. I’m going to the Baltic Sea again. But it’s going to be a little different to 2021. This time it’s really going to be via Szczecin and Usedom. That was not possible in 2021 due to corona. Then on to Flensburg with a short stopover by train and a detour to Denmark. I hope the weather cooperates to some extent.

Saisonplanung 2024 - Bikepacking an der Ostsee -
Bikepacking near baltic sea

RTF as preparation for the Transalp

I have planned a few RTFs and have already booked some of them. It starts with the Spreewaldmarathon in Lübbenau in April. Bimbach and the Erztaler Radmarathon in Kurort Hartha will follow in May. The “Lausitzer Seenland” cycling marathon may be added in July.

Saisonplanung 2024 - Auf dem Keilberg im Erzgebirge -
Top of Keilberg in the Erzgebirge

No Quäldich-Trip

I’m not planning a trip with Quäldich in 2024. I was actually planning to book Sicily in September. But my last two quäldich trips to Mont Ventoux and Corsica were relatively disappointing. The way I see it, I’m paying for the group experience. I can cycle on my own, anywhere and much cheaper. But if the group experience doesn’t materialize or the price is too high, you start to reconsider. I’m currently planning to go on another bikepacking tour in Spain in September. Two weeks in the north is the plan.

Sáisonplanung 204-Auf dem Mont Ventoux -
On top of Mont Ventoux

The annual race

I have not planned a race for 2024. Hamburg would be the number one option, as it is every year. Riding at speed is fun. When you get older and know it already and have ridden it several times, the fun is put into perspective. Especially because there is always the risk of an accident. So no race in 2024.

The 2024 season planning at a glance

  • March 15 to 24: Mallorca BikeCamp with Speedville
  • April 20: Spreewaldmarathon Lübbenau
  • May 4 to 12: Bikepacking Tour along baltic sea
  • Mai 19: Rhön Radmarathon, Bimbach
  • Mai 25: ERZtaler Radmarathon, Kurort Hartha
  • June 16 to 22: Tour Transalp from Lienz to Riva

What else could be added:

  • July 13: Lausitzer Seenland 100
  • approx. July: Stoneman Miriquidi Road in Erzgebirge
  • August 11: Pirker Grenzerfahrung
  • September: Camino del Norte, Bikepacking in the north of Spain, fromPamplona to Santiago de Compostela