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The planning for 2020 is done. My highlight of the season will be the Tour Transalp in June. followed by my second highlight directly on the following weekend: L’Etape du Tour in Nice.

Saison starts with Zwift

The start of the new season will inevitably begin with units from some Zwift training plan. Probably I will stay with “Build me up”. Even though cycling indoors is not comparable to driving outside. It’s entertaining. And because of the higher intensity of riding it’s also a good start into the season.

Two training camps

To be prepared for my two demanding highlights, I booked a training camp on Mallorca already in mid-March.

The trip to Ligurien in April serves as a challenging second training camp.

Final preparations

To prepare for the season’s highlights, I have so far only planned the ERZtaler in Hartha in May. A very nice RTF near Dresden with great tracks in Erzgebirge. Maybe the Zöttler Gold Race will be added. We will see.

The highlights of the season

End of June I will go by car to Brunico. The Tour Transalp starts there. It will end in Arco. On the following weekend, I’m off to Nice by plane for the second highlight of the season: L’Etape de Tour. I participate already in my third year.

Planning for 2020 - Medal of l'Etape du Tour 2019
Planning for 2020 – Medal of l’Etape du Tour 2019

The end of the season

The planned trip to Sierra Nevada at the end of September rounds off the 2020 cycling season.

I am looking forward to many eventful and hopefully accident-free racing bike kilometres in 2020.

So that’s it. The planning for 2020 is done.

The dates 2020 in the overview

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