Luggage concept of Qatar Airways

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I bought my ticket for the flight to Cape Town from Qatar Airways. At Qatar Airways, the bike can be carried as part of the normal weight limit of 30 kilograms at no extra cost. This saved me at least 200 euros. This is the minimum price for other airlines to transport the bike on intercontinental flights. Everything else I take with me in my hand luggage. But the impossible man at Tegel airport at check-in weighed my carry-on luggage! I have flown a lot already. But nobody has ever weighed my carry-on luggage! That’s why I had not even considered the weight limit of 7 kg for the hand luggage. Already the suitcase weighs probably already 3-4 kilos. So I had to put almost everything from the hand luggage into the bicycle case. At least nobody has weighed the bike bag.

Before the return flight I checked with Qatar Airways, how much an additional suitcase would cost. But this option is not offered. You can only buy additional kilos. For additional 20 kilograms you would pay about 660 euros.

  1. It is strongly recommended to carefully check the weight limits and luggage regulations of the airlines before buying tickets. Of course, it will be easier if you do not travel alone. Preferably with someone who does not want to carry a bike.
  2. You can no longer trust that carry-on luggage will not be weighed.

In addition, I need to say that Qatar Airways is just another airline. There is absolutely nothing special or special about Qatar Airways. Maybe the young and good-looking stewardesses.

My luggage in the bus on the way to Tegel airport.
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