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Road bike season finale at Lake Constance: From 29th September to 2nd October. The road bike short trip “Season finale at Lake Constance” was organized by “quä”. The starting point for the four tours was Bregenz.

I found space for a second “Quäldich” trip in my calendar. The “season finale on Lake Constance” with starting point in Bregenz. Friday I came from Bormio (see article “Bormio“). The previous night I had stayed in a hotel nearby, before I met the “tour group” at the official beginning Saturday morning at 10 clock in Bregenz for the first tour.

Tour 1: On the Bödele

We started from Kornmarkt in Bregenz. It was wonderful weather. The first 10 kilometers led over Dornbirn to the first climb: The Bödele, an uphill about 8 kilometers long with double-digit percentage. Next prominent ponint of the trip was a wonderful sun terrace in Schönenbach-Vorsäß at the end of a toll road. They are known for their specialty “Käsespätzle” . Only a few of us tried the cheese spaetzle. We were fine with coffee and cake which is a better alimentation in the middle of a cycling trip. Via Schnepfegg we went on to Lorena Pass. With a rise of about 2 kilometers, this pass is quite short but also quit steep. The reward was the downhill on an old railway line over Alberschwende and Buch. Too fast the first day was over.

Tour 2: Alpsee and Rote Wand

Rain was the forecast for Monday. Therefore, we decided to cycle on Sunday the nicer route over Langen, the Sulzberg and the Dreiländerblick to Oberstaufen. At Alpsee we found seats on a sun terrace for coffee, cake and non alcoholic wheat beer. Prior to the next sun terrace in Sibratsgfäll with known good “Strudel”, we passed the beautiful toll road over the Rohrmooser saddle. The grand final of the trip was again the downhill over Alberschwende and Buch like on the day before.

Tour 3: Rain

Already at night the rain started. It was raining heavily. Only a small brave group withstood the bad weather with a devoted guide on a short tour. The rest passed the day without cycling.

No cycling on day three

I went for a walk through Bregenz and strolled with an umbrellas to the floating stage and to the harbor. I enjoyed the day after all the cycling of the recent days.

The waterfront promenade n Bregenz in the rain

Tour 4: Ebnit

Just in time for the beginning of the last tour, the rain stopped. It had become cold. Everyone put on as many layers as he had in the suitcase. First we cycled flat to Dornbirn. There the daily highlight came up: the road up to Ebnit. First we cycled through Rappenlochschlucht where the Dornbirner Ach crashes into the valley. After a short distance downhill we cycled first through the forest. After that the view of the surrounding peaks was clear. The first fresh snow this year with sun and blue sky. Very cheesy … snow is really not my thing. But it looked great.

That was already it

After the very fresh downhill we stopped in the city center of Dornbirn for a last refreshment.

Almost everyone had already checked out at the Hotel in the morning. But the sauna of the hotel was still available for a hot shower. Then the group broke up quickly and we drove home in all directions.