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Today is the start of Tour de France. Maybe the highlight of my sports year. I’m looking forward to cheering for more than three weeks.

The Scandal 2020

Unfortunately, my anticipation is clouded by that absurde last years result. I still don’t get to understand what happened. My incomprehension is still great. Nobody doubts the outstanding abilities of another young upcoming talent. How can that be?

And Tour de France 2021?

How will it be this year? Will there be another incredible young unexpected rising talent? Will there be incomprehensible leaps in performance again? There could hardly have been any reasonable doping controls in the last time due to Corona. For winners, however, the risk increases. After a tour win there is a lot of money and reputation to be lost.

The Tour as live-event

Still, I love the tour. In particular, being there up close is an experience. I am confident that I will be able to attend a stage live again at least next year. In 2019 I had two unique days on the Tour in the Maurienne Valley. First I was at the finish line in Valloire with my roadbike and the following day at the start in St. Jean de Maurienne. I attended the tour final in Paris 2014 which also was a unique experience.

Start der Tour de France Etappe 2019 in St. Jean de Maurienne -
Start der Tour de France Etappe 2019 in St. Jean de Maurienne

My favorites

The show can begin. By my favorites, I don’t mean riders who I think they will win. My favorites are the ones I cheer for. For the first time ever, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Chris Froome. That would be something if he could tear something again. And of course Julian Alaphilippe, who inspires with his passionate driving style.