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The 2022 season is over. Motivation decreases, weight increases. Time for the season planning 2023. Time for new plans. And anticipation. And finally the full range is available again. No restriction are expected any more. One can simply plan according to desires and preferences.

Boundary Conditions 2023

Of course I have some requirements for the next season. I want an early and a late event in the year as this gives me a longer season. I want to drive a fast everyone’s race. But once a year is enough. In addition some RTF would be nice. One road bike trip with Quäldich next year is enough. And in summer I would like to have a highlight in the Alps.

I am cycling - Saisonplanung 2023 - Alpenüberflug
Flight over the Alps


Mallorca has all the necessary advantages for spring: Great routes, good hotels with good food at reasonable prices. And I haven’t been to Mallorca that often. That’s why I don’t look long for alternatives. Mallorca in March is set and also already booked. I’m going with Speedville again. Because the 2022 Speedville camp was nice. The group was nice. And the price is okay. I’ll do that again. Just a little earlier because of work.

I am cycling - Saisonplanung 2023 - Alcudia
Season planning 2023 – Alcudia is in

One trip without the bike!

It has to go also again without a bike. But then it should be a trip that I really want to make. And that is Andalusia. Visiting friends and a one week round trip. We will do that in April.

The summer highlight

And then its already summer. But I haven’t found the summer highlight yet. Actually it should be l’Etape du Tour. Unfortunately, the date does not fit. And I don’t like the track enough either. Perhaps the Giro delle Dolomiti will be the summer highlight. I’m still checking the possibilities.

I am cycling - Saisonplanung 2023 - Über freies Feld
Open fields to cycle

The late trip

In autumn I will go to the south of France with Quäldich. There are two big myths for racing cyclists. After those, nothing comes for a while. These myths are Passo Stelvio and Mont Ventoux. I’ve been to the Stelvio several times. But not at all on Mont Ventoux. The region is quite difficult to reach from Dresden. But in 2023 I will go there. And the trip with Quäldich and the flights to Marseille are already booked.

Everyone’s race

The new everyone’s race VeloCity in Berlin 2022 did not convince me. Whereas the Cyclassics did. Hamburg was great again. That’s why the fast everyone’s race in 2023 will be the Cyclassics. I found already a Hotel. But maybe there will be still a better one.

I am cycling - Saisonplanung 2023 - Bei den Cyclassics 2022
At the finish area of Cyclassics 2022

Something is still missing

So far, something in the planning is still missing. I keep looking for a highlight of the season. I would still like to have a race in the mountains. And I still miss the discovering element, the trying out of something new.

I continue to explore the possibilities. I’ll find something.

The 2023 season plan at a glance

  • March 3rd to 12th: Mallorca BikeCamp with Speedville
  • Apirl 15th to 23rd: The trip without bike to Andalusia
  • August 20th: Cyclassics, Hamburg
  • September 16th to 24th: Provenzalischer Rennradherbst, road bike journey with quä to Mont Ventoux

What else could be in:

I am cycling - Saisonplanung 2023 - Rad in der Dusche
Bike in the shower