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Returning to training is never easy. I had already successfully started the new season. Then an infection caught me. The result was an unwanted interruption of the season preparation. But my immunity resisted the infection quite well. My body kept the symptoms at a low level. Still, I couldn’t avoid a 10 day break.

The last few days are particularly difficult. Am I healthy again or not quite fit yet? Do I start training today or do I better wait a day longer? Just don’t want to risk a relapse. I get restless. I miss cycling. My mood is getting worse. Dissatisfaction arises.

But getting back in is also difficult. It takes overcoming. Sluggishness and comfort have spread. Determination is required. I have to be particularly motivated to take the first step. Season goals are the key for me. Memories of small successes also help. That could have been a successful event or the good form in the mountains last year.

Interruption of preparation for the season - Misery in winter - iamcycling
Misery in winter

But why do I ride my bike in the cold and in this shitty weather? To be fit when the beautiful days will come. I want to start preparing myself as early as possible. The season planning for 2020 is already in place. Motivation could come from the memories of a successful event or from the good form in the mountains last year.

So it is clear to me that sport cannot work permanently without fun. And which sport gives as much as cycling? With fun, even returning to training after an unwanted interruption of the season preparation is no problem and the re-entry will be easy.