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The season went well. The cycled kilometers were on the way to a record high. A brief moment was enough to give me an unexpected time-out: collarbone is broken.

Training camp in Mallorca

Finally the time had come: The long awaited training camp on Mallorca in Playa de Muro started. The first week I participated in the RoadBIKE training camp. An extension week I did with Hürzeler.

Finally back in Mallorca for cycling!
Finally back in Mallorca for cycling!

It was the fourth and penultimate ride of the RoadBIKE training camp. We cycled quite fast on the narrow and gently sloping Cami Vell de Muro back to Playa de Muro. We were six cycling in three pairs next to each other. I saw the sign from my frontman late. Construction works oput steel plates on the track. We cycled fast and close together. There was hardly time to frighten or even to react.

The bike was already skidding along the edge of the steel plate. I wanted to go left on it. No idea why. The angle was too sharp. That could not work. I almost regained control of the bike. Then it happened: I fell on the right shoulder and the right arm. I needed a bit until I could get up. Although the pain did not come until the evening. Luckily we had a “support vehicle” with us. So me and my bike could go back by car.

Where the accident happened at Cami Vell de Muro. But opposite direction.
Where the accident happened at Cami Vell de Muro. But opposite direction.

Two days recovery

In the evening at hotel everything was a bit slower. Undressing of tight cloths and dressing, showering, eating. In particular disinfecting was quite unpleasant. But in the night I slept well. The other nights too. I skipt next days trip. The one on Saturday too. It was a rest day anyway. Sunday I gave it a try and cycled alone 70 kilometers. It went surprisingly well. I was able to cycle without pain. But with pain killers.

Abrasions on the arms
Abrasions on the arms


Monday I cycled in a group with Hürzeler 100 kilometers. Cycling in a group is better. I have no idea if I could have repaired a flat tire without help. Tuesday I cycled again with Hürzeler 145 kilometers. And finally the queen stage over the Col de Soller, the Puig Mayor and Cala Tuent: 170 kilometers and almost 3,000 meters of elevation in just over seven hours. That was it. Friday I went back home.

But now to emergency

And Saturday I spent in the emergency at the hospital. After more than a week, the pain came. I had gently but mindless checked the spot on my shoulder. That was too much. After more than six hours in the clinic it turned out that the clavicle was broken. After all, straight, not shifted. Just as you would wish an injury, if you would wanted one.

Actually, everything is fine

I should be content. I was able to cycle in Mallorca almost as planned. It is not a difficult break. It’s just a break. Blessing in disguise describes it quite good. As long as the healing continues smoothly I cannot complain. Nevertheless, it is not easy to sit on the balcony with fantastic cycle weather outside.