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The Garmin Edge 820 GPS bike computer is the Garmin model underneath the Edge 1030. The Edge 820 is slightly smaller than its big brother. It has a 2.3 inches color touchscreen.

The Edge 820 is reliable and stable. The user menu is extensive. There are many settings and steps necessary. The Garmin menu is a bit awkward to use but logically structured. After a short training you will find your way around. The cooperation with the sensors via Ant+ and with mobile phone and computer via Bluetooth runs smoothly.


“Trendline Popular Routing” is Garmin’s new routing. It creates routes based on the mileage data of the million Garmin Connect users.

For the round-trip routing you specify distance and start direction. With this information, the Garmin Edge 820 creates up to 3 routes.

Connection in groups with group track

With the Garmin Edge 820 GPS bike computer, cyclists in the group are connected to each other with group track. The positions of the other cyclists are shown on the display on the Group Track.

Garmin Connect IQ-Shop

The Garmin Connect IQ-Shop offers numerous apps and widgets. These extend the already large range of functions even more.

Advantages of the Garmin Edge 820 GPS bike computer

  • Many navigation functions
  • Live Track and Group Track
  • Apps and Widgets in the Garmin Connect IQ Shop
  • Extensive accessories

Disadvantages of the Garmin Edge 820 GPS bike computer

  • Route calculation takes quite long
  • The touchscreen does not work properly when it’s wet
  • Slow work pace

Own experiences

The working speed of the device is a bit slow. After switching on, it takes several minutes to determine the position in a new environment. The routing also takes several minutes.

I use the routing on the GPS bike computer only in exceptional cases. That’s because I prepare my rides at home. I think upfront how far I want to go and how difficult the route should be. I select a suitable route at the computer. I think it’s more comfortable and easier.


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