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At the beginning of the year I did already my third “cleaning” according to the principles of Alejandro Junger. The effects at the end of the elimination diet were different each year.

My first “Cleaning”

In the first year, many of the permitted foods were new and unfamiliar to me. So at the end of the diet I couldn’t wait to return to the old habits. When I finally got through the three weeks, I jumped on my usual meals.

The second “Cleaning”

At the end of the second year, I wanted back the great pleasures of food and consumption back. I felt like I had lost something. So I quickly drank wine again to bring back the good feeling. I ate a pizza because I like it so much. But the disappointment came because it was just another pizza. Same with a good bottle of wine. I didn’t even like it. I had to get used to it again.

“Cleaning” 2020

Everything was different again in this year’s “cleaning” edition. The beginning was even a redemption after the Christmas days dominated by pleasure. Even during the diet, I had no cravings for treats. I actually didn’t miss anything. Maybe sometimes a short reflex after chocolate came up every now and then. 

At the end of the diet, I was worried about how to avoid bad food. What is the best way to sustainably give my body as many good things as possible in everyday life? And eat always moderate. I will try to keep with the amounts practiced in the three weeks.

What’s next?

How long will this go on? A huge motivation for me is cycling. The anticipation for the new season, supported by the chance of being on the road with a few kilos less. And also motivated by the expectation of cycling somewhat better in the mountains this summer. Cycling magazines (for example in “Rennrad” or in the “RoadBIKE“) currently provide tips on nutrition and loss of weight. Now is the best time of the year to loose weight, they are telling.

The season can come

I’m already done with it. Since I started cycling I have never been so light. I just have to keep my weight. Perfect conditions for “the best season of my life”.

My third Cleaning-iamcyling
Cycle path in winter in the Schönfeld highlands

But how was my third “Cleaning”?

My enthusiasm for the elimination diet according to Alejandro Junger continues. I quickly got used to the reduced meals also this time. For me, the permitted food is also a great change from everyday life. Nevertheless, the reduced energy supply was of course clearly noticeable. That started with climbing the stairs. At the latest on the second floor I ran out of breath. Even when training on the bike trainer at home, the strength was rarely sufficient until the end of the training session. There was a limitation, especially when pedaling quickly, at frequencies from 95-100 and up. I just couldn’t turn faster. Usually I can do it quite well. But you also get used to these limitations and you accept them. It’s only for three weeks.