That’s how much it costs to transport a bicycle with Lufthansa

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The flight booking for the spring training camp in Mallorca was due. It was the first time I had to face Lufthansa’s new luggage regulations. It’s an advantage to know the rules for taking bikes on a plane with Lufthansa. That’s why you’ll find my experience and tips here.

Flight booking for the training camp in Mallorca

I live in Dresden. That’s why I can use the airports of Dresden, Berlin or Prague. Cheap flights are available from Berlin and Prague. From Dresden I find sometimes good prices of Lufthansa. However, almost all flight from Dresden are indirect flights. But I don’t need an additional trip by car. Unfortunately, Lufthansa has significantly increased the prices to carry bicycles. But at Skyscanner I discovered that Lufthansa carries sports luggage with no additional cost if it is within the baggage allowance. That would be a similar concept as it has Qatar Airways or Emirates.

For my flight to Mallorca for the spring training camp I booked business class. The price difference to Economy was only about 100 euros. Economy would have included only one piece of luggage up to 23 kilograms. The business tariff includes 2 pieces of luggage with a maximum of 32 kilograms each. Thats fantastic! That pays off.

The bicycle needs to be registered

Then I remembered that I still have to register the bike. I did it by phone without any problems for the three Lufthansa flights. But it didn’t work for the German Wings light. I had to call there separately.

To be honest, I did not even look at which company is performing which flight. I did’t care. It wasn’t of any importance. Wrong! Germanwings demanded 50 euros for the reservation of the bicycle.

Note: It does’t matter with which airline you book. The line that performs the “most significant” flight applies the luggage regulations for the flights. (Find this regulation here.)

What about the free baggage allowance?

At least Lufthansa confirmed by phone that I can take the bike without extra cost within the baggage allowance. Actually, I read something else on the website. But after quite a long search, I finally found it: Except in the tariff “Light” sports baggage can be carried as part of the baggage allowance, if it does not exceed number and weight.

I was lucky

At the end, after a further call, Lufthansa carries my bike with no additional costs including the German Wings flight. On that occasion, I also noticed that the German Wings flight is not a business flight. Obviously, the online booking engine only displays the fare of the first flight.

Note: In case a trip consists of several flights: Have a carful look before you book what fare applies to each individual flight.

Bicycle as additional luggage

If the bicycle cannot be carried within the baggage allowance , the following rules apply to a bicycle as an additional item of luggage at Lufthansa:

Taking a bicycle as additional luggage costs 80 euros for flights within Europe. 70 Euro apply within Germany. For intercontinental flights Lufthansa requires between 100 and 250 euros!

There is an additional regulation which I don’t understand: The maximum size for a piece of luggage is also calculated from width, height and depth. In sum, the three sides must not exceed 158 cm. Otherwise another fee would be due. (See: Lufthansa.)

Note: You should not make a flight reservation with a bike by yourself using the online booking engine. It is strongly recomended to book directly with Lufthansa by phone. Then the applicable costs and the conditions can be clarified.

Book by phone has another advantage: The Lufthansa employee can check if there is still room for the bike on the plane. So far I have been lucky. But what if the bicycle wouldn’t have found a place? That’s why from now on I will only book by phone.

Tips for packing the road bike for a trip by plane you find here.

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