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I was deeply impressed by the behavior of a young Spanish guy in a near-accident with the road bike in Málaga.

I cycled the last kilometers of my starting tour in Málaga on a four-lane road. The traffic light turned red. I stopped behind two cars in front of me in the row. The traffic light turned green. I saw the first car starting and turning right. The car in front of me accelerated as well. I accelerated. The first car brake suddenly. For the car in front of me it was damn close. But he managed to stop. It was not quite enough for me. I hit against the bumper. The rear wheel went up. Fortunately, I was able to brake enough that I only started to somersault. I was able to keep the balance, the rear wheel came back to the ground. I managed even to unclick the pedals. Nothing happened. That was lucky.

The young, maybe thirty-year-old driver got out immediately. He apologized and asked me if I’m fine. I was. He asked me again if everything was alright. I repeated that nothing happened. And above all, it was my own fault. He did not want to know about it and apologized once more. He said the car in front of him suddenly stopped for no reason. I said I saw it and I’m really fine. I told him that nothing happened to his car. No scratch on the bumper. He was not interest at all. He looked at me still worrying. Only after another confirmation that I was fine, he went back to his car and left.

Are you already deeply impressed like me or do you need a hint what I mean? How would the situation have been in Germany? – Exactly. But very different. How big the differences can be.